CLAYTATION: Bars & Snacks

Tasquinha do Joy Café and Restaurant
Looking for a perfect Caipirinha or the best Tosta Mista (ham/Cheese toast) this is the place to enjoy it. Looking over the famous Praia de Pescadores in the center of Ericeira, you can enjoy a small snack and drink with a beautiful view. Tasquinha do Joy has both bar and restaurant. If you want to go for a drink or a quick snack, you should go for the bar which is on the left side.
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Jukebox bar

Looking for an excellent cocktail to start the evening or to relax a bit after dinner. You can find a big variety of the best cocktails around.
Our personal favorites are the Wiskey Sour or Pisco Sour. If you like more mocktails? According to my daughters, the ‘Ginger Finger’ is a real recommendation.

Discoteca Ouriço

Not ready to go to bet yet. In Ericeira you can find one of the first ‘discotecas’ of Portugal, Ouriço.

It is not big, but if you enjoy a good party. You will find it to your liking.

It is open every Friday, Saturday and Monday night (from 00.00pm) and you can party until the sun rises (6.00 am)

Be aware the entrance fee is not so cheap.

BEACH BARS: enjoy the ocean!!!

Ericeira beaches

Being so close to the Ocean, Ericeira has plenty of beautifull beaches to offer to you. To help you find your way around during your stay, I like to offer you a small overview of the most famous beaches and of course their bars 🙂

Praia de São Lourenço :

Cafe at beautiful beach of São Lourenço, which is surrounded by an impressive rock formatoin on one side and the small village of São Lourenço on the other side!
If you want to enjoy an idyllic sunset, this bar is highly recommended.

You can take walk to this beach following the coastal line up to Coxos and follow the downhill trail from Ribamar.
To get back an Uber can easily be called.
The owner and staff are very kind!
When the time is right (may-September) you can try the ‘Caracois’, it is one of the best spots to try them!

Praia de Ribeira d’Ilhas:

Ribeira d’Ilhas is without doubt THE most famous surfspot of Ericeira. Every year thousands of surf enthusiasts pick up their board and wetsuit and try to follow the footsteps of the professionals.

In the bar/restaurant you can enjoy some niced drinks and have a quick burger.

From Ericiera you can follow the road accross the Ocean until you arrive at the ‘Surfer’ statue overlooking Ribeira d’Ilhas. Getting back to Ericeira you can use some energy to conquerer the many stairs coming back from the beach 😉

Praia de Matadouro

At Praia Matadouro you can find plenty of surfschools, helping people to enjoy the beauty of surfing


After the surf lesson, João will welcome you at his streamliner caravan, from which he serves the amazing DROP BURGER.
Just a simple burger, with some lettuce and chips, but the taste is SO GOOD!!!

You can find João and his wife at this beach from May until end of september.

Praia da Foz do Lizandro

This beach is most loved by families with smaller children, due to its proximity to the mouth of the river ‘Lizandro’. It allows smaller children to play in the calm water of the river, without parents having to worry about the power of the currents of the Ocean.

At the beach you can find some nice beach bars as well

Barbatana Surf & Deli

A cosy bar to enjoy ocean, which offers plenty of healthy food options like smoothies, banama cake… and plenty of vegetarian options..
But the meat lovers don’t need to worry, their burgers are delicious as well


A bit more modern and fancy beach bar. It is a nice place to have drink on the cosy pillows on the terrace/beach.
But if you are looking for something to eat, we recommend one of the other bars.
It is very rare in Portugal, but at this bar the food is not always worth its price.

Imagens da Praia da Foz do Lizandro, Mafra, Portugal

More bars:

Ericeira is a place which is in constant motion, if you stumble upon a hidden gem of our little village please feel free to share it with me. I always like to explore good new bars 😉