Hi! I am Nathalie but my dearest friends and family call me “LIE”. In 2018 I moved with my husband and 2 daughters from Belgium to the amazing little town of Ericeira, in Portugal. Already a big adventure for us! In Belgium I was a teacher but when I arrived here, I was ready for something new. I was so inspired and WONDERED by this country of “ceramica” and I missed the creativity of my job as a teacher. It was time for some creativity, a new challenge with my hands.

So I was really EXCITED when I met Paulo, a local “oleiro”, very passioned. He showed me and my friend the first initiations on the wheel. So proud and happy with my first, imperfect, too heavy pieces 😉 I fell in love with clay immediately!

Soon I bought my own wheel and a kiln. I followed courses in Lisbon and Sintra but I still missed some basics till I found “De cursist” in Belgium. Finally I could improve myself!! But I wanted more..

I missed my social life, being surrounded by PASSIONED people with the same interests. So I started a creative studio where I can share my passion and my excitement about ceramics. At TIA LIE CASA CRIATIVA I want to create a little home for you, a cosy “casa” where adults and kids can show their creativity, their talents and theirselves.

CREATIVITY for me has a very wide perspective. Its not only wheeltrown pieces but also handbuilding. I love playing and experimenting with shapes and colors. I use my years of experience of being a teacher to help you and improve your skills!

The feeling of growing, taking risks and making mistakes is making FUN.”

I make tableware but also jewelry. I like to organize workshops but also “claytastingparties” (first clay experiences together with friends or family)

I am so THANKFUL I could take this step in my life, so thankful I can do what I do!
I like to make special, unique and tasteful pottery inspired by the beautiful beaches and nature surrounding me. Every piece I make is 100% handmade with a lot of love in my studio in Portugal.

I hope to see you soon to share my POTTERYLOVE in my studio in Santo Isidoro!!

Lie x.